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Top Tips in Using Real Estate Recruiting Scripts Effectively

Whether or not you’re fond of using them, real estate recruiting scripts have undeniable benefits. For one, they can help you sound more put together and prevent awkward “dead air” moments during a meeting or interview. They can also be used to train new recruiters and as one measure of the effectiveness of your recruitment campaigns.

If you need some help in constructing real estate recruiting scripts, this website can get you started. Once you have completed writing a few, ideally one for every experience level, the next step is to make sure you’re using the scripts effectively. Here are some tips to consider:

Get the Opening Right

Arguably the most important part of your recruiting script is the opening. That’s because if you fail to capture the interest of the candidates from the outset, then you probably won’t make a good impression. A great opening, on the other hand, can stoke the proverbial fire and make prospective agents feel more enthusiastic about their prospects with your brokerage.

Keep in mind that a “great” opening can be a single sentence. The key is to use the right words at the right time, piquing interest without making it seem that you’re making empty promises. Droning on for too long before giving the candidate a chance to speak will also bore them. As such, a short, sweet opening is ideal.

Don’t Knock the “Traditional” Questions

Some recruiters or interviewers shy away from asking the so-called “traditional” questions such as “What can you tell me about yourself?” or “Are you actively looking for opportunities with other recruiters or brokerages?” That’s because candidates can prepare for these and can therefore sound more impressive than they truly are.

However, asking these questions can actually give you an insight into the applicant’s personality. Believe it or not, it’s quite easy to spot rehearsed answers. Using this kind of question during an initial meeting can also reveal top candidates hiding in plain sight. Those who provide impactful, insightful, and creative answers to such a simple query are likely to exhibit the same traits at work.

A Script Isn’t Law

Remember that unlike in the movies, you’re allowed to make adjustments to your script. After all, different people will respond differently to questions and conversation prompts. The ability to adjust a script on the fly is particularly important if you notice that the conversation isn’t going as expected.

You should also be open to changing your scripts depending on feedback and results. Remember that there’s no “perfect” script per se. It’s always under development, since the industry and talent market are always changing with the times.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In relation to the above-mentioned tip, developing the skill of maneuvering a conversation the way you want it to go requires some practice. Ideally, you should practice in two ways. First is on your own, ideally with a video camera or mirror so you can see your expressions. The second is with another person like a colleague, so you can get used to back-and-forths.

You should also time yourself when speaking. Remember that everyone—particularly real estate agents—has demands on their time. Showing respect and consideration to these can give a good impression. Besides, going on for too long can bore even the most patient job applicant.

Remember: It’s Not About You

No matter how urgent your brokerage’s need is to fill a post, you have to remember that recruitment is not all about you—it’s also about the candidate. It’s essentially a give-and-take relationship. Thus, you need to give the candidate a chance to talk as well. Let them talk about their qualifications and ask questions. With ample research and a script prepared, you’ll be more than well equipped to answer.

By giving candidates the room to speak, you’re also showing them that they’ll be treated in the same way if or when they get the job. It’s a great opportunity to emphasize that, as a company, you’ll listen to their concerns and welcome their suggestions.

Conversion Is Not the Goal—At First

If you’re only in the early stages of recruitment, note that the goal isn’t to hire but to narrow the pool of candidates. Thus, you have to adjust your script so that the call to action is to schedule another appointment or perhaps for the applicant to take an exam. The key is to be straight to the point.

You should also remember that depending on your initial assessment, your call to action may change from candidate to candidate. Did they make the initial cut or not? The ability to adjust the script smoothly will come in handy at this point.


Some long-term recruiters find scripts unnecessary, considering their level of experience. Nevertheless, there are also industry veterans who still swear by scripts. Just remember that any tool, even something as simple as a recruiting script, is only as effective as the person using them. Keep these tips in mind so that using your real estate recruiting scripts will always be worthwhile!

Important Things to Know Before Taking Out a Home Renovation Loan

Home renovation loans can make your ideas come to life. However, it can be difficult to know when it is best to take out a loan versus using cash. Though you should always talk to a mortgage professional before deciding to take out a home renovation loan, let’s go over what some popular home renovations cost and considerations about using a home renovation loan to cover them. 

1. Garage Doors

Garage doors are a critical part of improving curb appeal when renovating a home.

New Garage Door Cost

The cost of a new garage door depends on location, size, and design; however, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $800-$1500 for a standard two-car garage door. Custom garage doors will obviously cost more but are a great statement feature to the outside of a home.

Home Renovation Loan

According to Chuck Waltman of garage additions contractor in Houston, since the cost of a new garage door is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to renovations, it might not be advisable to take out a home renovation loan just for the cost of the garage door. However, including the garage door with other larger renovations and taking out a loan could be an option if you didn’t have the cash flow for a new garage door.


2. Home Siding

Home siding can take a beating with the elements over the years. Proper maintenance can help prevent damage, though sometimes it still needs to be replaced.

Home Siding Cost

Home siding costs anywhere from $2-$7 per square foot. That adds up on a home, especially on two-story homes. Metal lap siding is about $5-$10 per square foot but is a nice addition to a home as it is far more durable than vinyl. No matter which home siding you choose, it is bound to be a nice addition to the outside of your home.

Home Renovation Loan

Since home siding can cost upwards of $10,000, for a larger siding project, a home renovation loan could be a viable option. To update the entire exterior of the home, you could take out a home renovation loan to cover both the new garage door and the siding to make it worth it.


3. New Roof

A new roof is one of the best updates that you can do to a home. However, it is also one of the most expensive.

Roofing Costs

A new roof typically costs $10,000 for the average homeowner for the most basic materials. Upgraded materials like metal, wood, or clay will cost even more.

Home Renovation Loan

Home renovation loans are common with roofs because it is a project that requires a lot of upfront money. It is not a renovation that can be done over time and therefore many people take out home renovation loans to replace the roof.


4. Interior Projects

Interior projects can be both small and large. From upgrading your interior door materials to redoing sheetrock and the layout of the home, interior projects range in difficulty and price.

Interior Project Costs

Interior projects can range from a couple of hundred dollars for a new sink to more than $40,000 on a brand new elaborate kitchen. The cost varies widely based on material selection, labor costs, and how extensive the project is.

Home Renovation Loan

Homeowners frequently take out home renovation loans for interior projects that are more extensive due to the increased costs. For smaller projects or renovations that can be done over time, using cash is more common.



Things To Know About Home Renovation Loans

Here are some quick things to know about home renovation loans.

  1. There are usually two different types— personal loans and home equity loans. Personal loans typically require a good credit score and proof of income, while home equity loans often are based on the amount of equity that you have in your home.
  2. More money isn’t always better. You should only take out the amount of money that you need since you will be paying interest on that amount. Additionally, paying interest on a small loan might not be worth it, so always weigh out exactly what you need and if it is possible to do without a loan.
  3. Consider the qualifications. Before making plans for home renovation using a loan, ensure that you qualify for them. The best way to do this is to talk to a loan professional.
  4. If you don’t qualify for a home renovation loan, research other options!


Ready to Talk to a Mortgage Pro?

If you are considering taking out a home renovation loan, talk to a mortgage professional who can help you see if you qualify and discuss your options. Contact The Texas Mortgage Pros today to get started!

Brian Jeffries is the content director for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

Is It The Perfect Time For You To Purchase A Texas House? Pt2

Ideas To Know If You’re Now Able To Buy A Home In Texas

Part 2

4. Your Credit Score Is More Than 500

If you have a credit score that’s not lower than 500, it’s another indication telling you that you’re financially ready to get your own home.

Aside from having enough money in your bank account and a good DTI, lenders largely take into consideration one’s credit score in terms of deciding whether a person is approved for a mortgage loan or not. The exact score needed to get approved greatly depends on the type of house and loan that you’re applying for. Generally speaking, having a credit score of 620 will get your conventional pre-approved immediately. However, there are exceptions for first-time buyers that they may get an FHA loan and get approved even with a credit score of 500.

5. The Market Is Leaning Towards Your Favor

How will you know? If the mortgage rates are showing a decline, then it’s a great indication that it’s the right time to make a home purchase.

After taking into consideration your financial capacity and stability, another important factor to look into is the market condition. Don’t forget to check the market’s interest rates. If you’ve noticed that there’s a decline in the trend, then it’s a good sign for you because it simply means that you’ll have to pay less when you apply for a house mortgage.

Another factor to look into is the home’s area – does it fall under the seller’s, or the buyer’s market? Remember, you want to purchase a house that’s within the buyer’s market.

6. You’re Ready To Set Some Roots

According to some studies, it’s worth buying a home if you intend to stay in that house for at least five years. Recent research has found out that it takes at least 4 years for homeowners to breakeven on the cost of the house – and an additional year to consider the home as a smart investment.

Buying a home is for those people who are decided that they wanted to live in that city and state for a minimum of five years. If you have a soaring career and if you’re still thinking of moving to another area, then it might not be the right time to make a house purchase.

7. You’re Not Taking Care Of Other Larger Expenses

If you’re paying for big expenses or planning on getting one – then don’t get a house just yet

At this point, it should be clear to you that it requires a lot of thinking, financial stability, and settling down before one can buy a house. It isn’t a simple decision that can be made on a whim. It’s a financial decision that needs to be thought of carefully. If you have other big expenses lined up such as education, wedding, or even having a new baby, now might not be the right time to consider buying a home.

Instead of rushing things, wait for the right time to buy your home. Wait for you to become financially stable, and wait until you’re comfortable on taking larger monthly expenses. Once you’re comfortable taking that additional expense, then you’re ready.

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Is It The Perfect Time For You To Purchase A Texas House? Pt1

Ideas To Know If You’re Now Able To Buy A Home In Texas

Part 1

The “perfect” timing in buying a home varies depending on one person to another. Is the time right for you?

In general, there’s no specific answer to questions on when the perfect time is in buying home. It simply means that it all depends on one’s personal decisions, along with several factors to be taken into consideration.

Consider these five indications below in helping you decide whether you should pursue buying a home:

1. You Have A Stable Source Of Income

If you’ve been working for a company for at least two years, it might be a good indication that you’re ready to make a house purchase.

The majority of lenders will want to make sure that you can pay your mortgage and that you can do so, not just within the year, but in the near future as well. One proof for these lenders is that you have a stable source of income, coming from the same employer.

Typically, lenders will ask you to submit your W-2s for the past two years. For those who are self-employed, make sure that you are prepared with your records of tax returns over the past two years. Additionally, lenders may also require you to present any 1099s that you acquired over the course of 2 years.

2. You Have Little To No Debt

Another factor to take into consideration is if have a DTI that is not more than 45%. Another factor that lenders check before they approve your mortgage loan is your DTI, also known as your debt-to-income ratio. Your DTI simply shows your capacity of being able to handle an additional loan, considering all your current debt payments. This is compared alongside the additional income and money you have left after settling the monthly debt payments.

If you have a current DTI that’s more than 45%, you have to work on improving on that ratio before you even consider making a house purchase.

3. You’ve Saved For The Rainy Days

How much is the total cost of the house you’re planning to get? If you have more than 5% of that amount in your savings, it’s a good indication that you’re ready to purchase a home.

Aside from making sure that you have enough money to pay for your mortgage every month, the majority of lenders will also take into consideration how much you currently have in your savings. This amount will go towards the upfront costs such as:

  • Down payment: Most houses require a 20% down payment – although you may find some realtors that may require a little bit less than 20%.
  • Closing costs: These are miscellaneous fees that the home purchaser will need to settle to close the home. There’s no specific amount, and the overall cost will be shouldered both by the seller and buyer. Typically, closing costs range from 2-5% of the overall house price.
  • Reserves: This refers to the total amount of money that will be left to your bank account after the down payment and closing cost deductions. Lenders are most likely to approve your mortgage if you have enough money in your bank, at least 2 months’ worth of your mortgage. There’s no harm in having a larger amount for a buffer, as it increases your chances of getting that mortgage approval.

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A Perfect Guide To Choose An Adept Mortgage Broker In Texas

Does A Texas Mortgage Broker Really Matter?

Purchase a house in Texas is more straightforward if it is all cash, but having money in cash is easier said than done. Therefore, a mortgage is the next best thing to consider.

As you consider the mortgage, you also must contend with finding a reputable broker. Some are more skilled at facilitating a purchase, and some inadvertently hinder the process. But all the same, a broker is an inevitable element when seeking a mortgage. You want to work with one that can facilitate a smooth transaction as you would want the same thing when it comes to a realtor.

Finding and working with the right mortgage lender or broker is imperative when you want to get value for your money. Pick a professional with considerable experience with the kind of property you want to better the chances of making the process move smoother. With the right broker or lender on your side, you will have access to the information needed and the necessary help for finding the best loan with favorable terms through a process devoid of unnecessary delays.

Getting The Job Done Vs. Doing It Well

Remember that blunders result in wasted time, and time will be money lost. Therefore, as you search for a licensed mortgage broker, keep in mind that having the license does not imply dealing with an experienced broker. Some brokers are armed with the knowledge of navigating the co-operate questionnaires, some have mastered customize solutions that suit each borrower, and others are aptly armed to transact.

We have an experienced team that can, in seconds, discern if a mortgage broker will be a screw-up or push for the best deal. Therefore, we can help you know if you are working with a professional that will cover you with grace and efficiency as you seek financial help in purchasing your dream home.

Different Clients, Diverse Needs

Some mortgage brokers do not rely on an income verification program to provide financing. Conversely, others offer quick turnarounds, in roughly 2-3 days. If a client needs money ASAP or is going to auction, we can recommend mortgage lenders that can help. We know that some people prefer transacting in cash, and we can help them get the financing they need.

Work The Network

The most prudent thing you can do is head your agent’s advice regarding the broker to use. Most agents have worked with different mortgage lenders and brokers; thus are well vast with their performance, professional reputation, and how they relate with clients. Those who are closest to underwriters can move things along faster, and most of them have been in the business for a considerable time, moving up their profession. Therefore, that is the kind of pull you need backing you.

Strive for such connections and build on those relationships that continue long after signing the contract. They are agents with an impeccable professional standing, which can give some leverage as you approach a broker for financial assistance.

Before making a decision, let one of the experts at The Texas Mortgage Pros help you find out exactly what loan is best for you.  Feel free to contact or call us today!


You’re A Seasonally Employed? Here’s A Guide To Get A Texas Mortgage

Getting A Texas Mortgage When You Have A Seasonal Income

If you are a professional who works part of the year or is seasonally employed, you might have a tough time qualifying for a mortgage. The job can be available depending on the season, such as snow removal, landscaping, or a side hassle. It is a type of employment known as sporadic.

While the nature of your profession might not disqualify you from getting a mortgage, it could make the process somewhat tricky.

The Required Documentation

You must prove to the mortgage lender you have a reliable income even though you have seasonal employment. For VA and FHA loans, you should provide the necessary paperwork that shows you worked for the same employer for at least two years or have been in the same profession for the same period. Moreover, your employer will provide the documents that prove you still be hired in the upcoming season.

However, if you have worked for less than two years, your incomes might not qualify you for the mortgage. Similarly, you might not be eligible even if you have been working for two years, and your employer cannot prove that you will be hired in the season that follows.

What Next If You Cannot Prove This?

If you cannot give evidence that shows you have a reliable income for a period not less than two years, you will not qualify for the mortgage. However, you can re-apply once these changes, and you have the necessary documentation to back it. But if your situation is wanting, you can consider other options even when you opt to wait and reapply.

Provide all your income sources. If you receive Social Security Benefits, have a second or third job, receive unemployment benefits, or some interest income, consider using them to bolster your chances of qualifying for the mortgage.

For instance, you can apply for the mortgage with a close friend, spouse, or family member. You may increase the chances of being eligible for the loan if you add another person, especially one with a good credit score. Keep in mind that lenders will consider both parties’ incomes and credit scores when qualifying the borrower. For better chances of qualifying, consider splitting the homeownership costs and seeking another person’s assistance through the process, which is some of the top benefits of co-owning a home with someone.

Proper documentation can make the difference between being eligible for a mortgage and buying that dream home. But before starting the application process, you should ensure that you sort the W2 forms and have proof of compensation, both covering the last two years. Furthermore, you need your employer to verify you will be hired the next season.

Choose The Texas Mortgage Pros

If you are confident you qualify, begin the process as soon as possible. Texas Mortgage Pros are here to help make things simple for you to have a fast approval. If you are uncertain of your eligibility, get in touch with us today to discover other viable options that you can consider.

Knowing The Right Time To Purchase A Home In Texas Pt2

Important Things To Consider When Buying A Texas House

Part 2

What’s the most important thing that you should be remembering? You want to be certain you are in the right financial position in order to purchase a home irrespective of what is going on in the world. Consider these 3 things.

1. The Stability Of Your Income

First and foremost, you should be looking at this. Consider how likely it is that you are going to continue to have a stable income for the entire duration of the global pandemic. You want to consider whether or not your position is going to be safe in the current climate. Consider whether or not you have enough funds set aside in order to make the much-needed payments if you were to lose your income. If you are currently in a career that has a lot of uncertainty and that is prone to a lot of changes, you will want to hold off on purchasing a home until that changes.

2. Your Budget

You will need to pay a lot more than the down payment in order to purchase a home. You will need to pay for everything from the inspections to the appraisals to the loan origination costs, and more. Therefore, if you find yourself in a position where you are feeling unable to pay for everything, you will want to avoid purchasing a home.

Another big-budget consideration: Don’t necessarily allow your pre-approval status and amount to determine the total cost of a home you are wanting. A lot of prospective homeowners get pre-approved for a much higher mortgage than you can actually afford. Because of this, you should look at several things including your spending to ensure that you are figuring out the right budget. From there, you will be able to speak with your lender in order to translate that to a mortgage payment. You want to be able to afford the home you purchase.

3. The Reason For Buying A Home

You want to consider why you are looking to purchase a home. Maybe it’s because you just got married. Perhaps you are adding to your family. Or you might be looking to downsize prior to retirement. There are plenty of reasons you might be interested in purchasing a home. If your why isn’t necessarily good enough, perhaps you should hold off.

It’s important to understand that purchasing a home will effectively allow you to experience many of the highs and lows that come with it. If that doesn’t sound like something you want to deal with, it might be best to hold off.

While there is certainly no harm that can come from browsing the market, there is a big difference between looking to see what’s out there and buying. If you are looking to eventually buy a home, now is a fantastic time to begin looking for your next dream home.

The Texas Mortgage Pros

The Texas Mortgage Pros consists of some of the best professionals in the state of Texas. We are fully committed to providing the highest level of service to all of our clients. You will be able to take advantage of the best rates and multiple loan programs that are available in your area. We have mortgage professionals with years and years of experience who will be willing and able to work directly with you in order to guarantee that you are able to get a home loan that is curated to meet your needs and expectations. No matter if you are purchasing your dream home or your first home, we have the professionals on staff in order to ensure you get the best rates and the right program.

In order to speak with one of our friendly and experienced professionals, give us a call right now. We look forward to assisting you to find the home of your dreams. Click here to go to the first article in this series.

Knowing The Right Time To Purchase A Home In Texas Pt1

Important Things To Consider When Buying A Texas House

Part 1

Because of mortgage rates being so low because of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, you may be thinking it might be the right time to consider buying a home. However, experts say you might not want to rush into such a decision. Below, we will be going over why according to real estate experts.

The Housing Market State

While the current market does offer inherent benefits for anyone looking to purchase a home. After all, in March the median list prices were up at around 2.2 percent annually. However, a month later, that number went down to less than 1 percent. This ultimately represented the least amount of growth in the last 7 years. As such, mortgage rates have been at a record low with the average 30-year fixed rates sitting at 3.4 percent for the week leading up to May 1.

Buyers are currently looking for 30-year mortgages and rates are very low. Because of this, it has become an opportune time to effectively purchase a home and take out a mortgage due to the historically low rates effectively outweighing the potential uncertainty that the pandemic has led to.

However, you shouldn’t simply be basing your real estate purchasing decision off this respective price drop. While the home prices in the market are expected to continue to fall around 2 to 3 percent just this year, you will find these prices fluctuating all of the time. You will pretty much always see properties that are priced outside of the market falling. Whereas, you will find properties that are competitively priced in the current market changing in prices very little.

What you really need to look at isn’t necessarily the decrease in home prices, but the increased demand for viable buyers. After all, your home could be competitively priced but you wouldn’t have any demand if there is no one that is capable of affording the home in the current conditions.

What If You Are Able To Find A “GOOD DEAL?”

While you may be tempted to simply jump on the first good deal you are able to find, you don’t want to get fixated on it. For one, you won’t necessarily be limited to finding ‘good deals’ in the midst of a crisis. Ideally, you want to try to identify a home that sits in the spot of being currently undervalued in the market and one that sits in a good neighborhood that has a lot of higher valued properties. This is what we refer to as a ‘diamond in the rough.’ You will certainly be able to find some good deals in the marketplace. However, all of the great deals are usually purchased before they even hit the open market.

Your timing is more important than anything. Even more so than being able to find a good deal. This will usually indicate how well you are able to do on the market. Generally, you will find buyers paying around market value for the homes they purchase, no matter what the circumstances lead to. While it’s certainly true that markets have both peaks and valleys, the real estate market is usually one of the more predictable markets and investments that usually have a steady upward trend. The timing will usually dictate how well you fare in any market.

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A Helpful Guide For A Texas FHA Loan Qualifications

8 Things You Need To Know To Qualify For A FHA Loan In Texas

Part 2

6. Choosing The Right Type Of FHA Loan

Different types of FHA loans are offered by lenders and the most common type remains 30 years fixed interest loan. There is also the option of an FHA loan with a fixed interest rate for a period of 10 to 25 years and you also have the option of an adjustable-rate FHA loan. With an adjustable-rate FHA loan, you will benefit from fluctuating interest rates at particular time periods.

For instance, a 3/1 adjustable rate FHA loan allows a fixed interest rate for the first 3 years but the interest rate is reset every year after that. You can get an adjustable loan with different periods of a fixed-rate term such as 3/1, 5/1, 7/1, or 10/1 with the 30-year loan. However, the FHA loans with fixed interest rates are more popular as adjustable-rate loans are deemed riskier by buyers.

7. Understanding FHA Loan Costs

An FHA loan also comes with the mandatory cost of private mortgage insurance. It is the insurance that protects the lender in case the borrower defaults and as a borrower, you need to pay an upfront fee as well as a monthly fee. It is essential for everyone who opts for less than 20% down payment.

8. Starting The Application Process

If you have checked everything and you think you will qualify for an FHA loan, and it is now time for you to apply, you should first try to get pre-approved with your chosen lender. It could be a credit union or local bank or an online mortgage lender or an independent mortgage broker.

Start the process with multiple lenders and ask for quotes for payments, fees as well as rates. Keep in mind that there is huge competition in the mortgage lending business even with an FHA loan, and even a slight difference in the closing costs or interest rates can help you save thousands of dollars.

The Texas Mortgage Pros

Here at The Texas Mortgage Pros, our team has mortgage professionals all over Texas. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the highest quality service for all their mortgage needs. We are committed to get our clients the lowest rates and to help them choose the best from multiple loan programs in The Woodlands, Tomball, San Antonio, Spring, Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas.

Our team of mortgage professionals has multiple years of experience and we will work with you to make sure that you get a customized home loan that is exactly right as for your situation and meets your expectations. Whether you are buying your first home or buying your dream home or refinancing a loan or consolidating debt, our team of highly experienced loan officers will make sure you are able to find the right loan at the lowest possible rate.

We strive to create a lasting relationship with our clients to allow us to serve our clients for many years in the future. We are different from other mortgage companies that operate nationwide. We promise that all your information will always be safe and private. We have a well-earned reputation in the lending community for trustworthiness and reliability.

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Mortgage Terms You Should Know

If it is your first time to look for a home to buy on a mortgage, you may encounter unfamiliar words. In this article, you will understand and learn more some of the mortgage loans. You may have heard it before from your friends or family, but you don’t have any idea what it stands for.

What does a mortgage lender do? It is a loan from the bank or any financial institution that assists individuals in looking for a house that suits your budget. There are lots of terms that you should know about a mortgage. You don’t need to master everything, but you should familiarize yourself. You can also do some research on the basic terms so you can understand the contract and conditions. 

Always ask if you have questions or did not understand a statement, especially if you are going to sign papers or any documents. The lender would be happy to explain it to you to avoid confusion and possible issues in the long run. Below are some terms that you may encounter during the process of your mortgage loans.


Escrow is an account wherein money is kept before transferring to the end party. It is to hinder scams, disputes, and fraudulent behavior when dealing with high-value assets. These accounts can bear money, funds, and securities alongside many others. A lot of people with mortgage loans in Texas have these accounts. Lenders are also responsible for holding money for homeowners insurance or property taxes in them. It is good to have one since you are allowed to divide insurance and taxes in twelve months rather than paying all of it at a go. The lender that you are working with may also decide to put together the escrow payments with the monthly mortgage dues plus the interest payments and the principal. 

Home Inspection.

There is no way that you can choose a home by only looking at it in a newspaper or by curb appeal. What does a mortgage lender does? There will be an inspector. They look at everything the house has to offer, inspecting every inch of it no matter how minor because it is better to be safe than sorry. After the inspection, they will give you a report that will update you on the home’s problems. That includes: what needs to get repaired or replaced. There is a need for you to outsmart the lender you will be working with since most of them do not insist on inspection as a condition. Can you imagine buying a home that has umpteenth issues cropping up now and then? Please do not risk it.

Down Payment

Once a mortgage company finds you fit for the acquisition of a mortgage loan, you will start paying down payment: the first payment you make towards the loan. It is usually the percentage of the value of the loan. If you have ever taken a loan, you will be familiar with down payments since they are required in most types of loans. Forget the myths that you always hear from people with prejudiced views. One of them states that you can only buy a home with a 20% down payment. You can purchase a home with a down payment as low as 3%, 5%, or even none in some government-backed loans.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage {ARM}

How can I get the lowest mortgage rate? You can choose ARM, this type of loan has a flexible interest rate, which depends on the movement of market rates. Note that when you are signed into an ARM, you are usually given a short duration of fixed interest rates. The introduction period can last a decade, and as long as you are swimming in this stage, the rates are usually cheaper than those that come with fixed-rate loans. After that period, the rates tend to follow those of the market. However, adjustable-rate mortgage got you in that they provide a climax in which your rates can rise or fall through your loan period, meaning they will not let it go way over or under.


This is how the payments you make over time are spread out since the book value of a loan lowers with time. There is usually a division of money paid towards the loan: there is a percentage that goes towards relieving the loan principal while the other one towards the interest. Note that the principal is usually high in the beginning, while most of the money you pay goes to the interest. With time, however, the total opposite will occur with the interest since you tend to chip away at your principal. There is also a schedule that helps the borrower to keep track of the loan and even pay it off faster called an amortization schedule.

The points that follow show some of the terms that are used in mortgage loans and know what do you need to qualify for a mortgage in Texas. Ensure that you learn them because they will be used a lot, especially if you plan on taking a mortgage loan.