Why Applying For A Texas Mortgage Is Easier Than You Think

3 Reasons Why Owning A Home Is Easy In Texas

Many people refer to owning a home as the “American Dream.” Owning a home comes with several obvious benefits. However, some of these benefits are not so obvious. Some people think it is hard to own a home. It is very easy, and here are some of the reasons why owning a house is easy:

1. 20% Down Is NOT Needed!

You can use the right lenders, grants, and programs to buy with 0% down. First-time buyers can get this from the key bank because the bank offers it as a part of their community service. And you can put down as little as 3% with other loans. Of course, you can improve your offer and lower your rates by bringing more to the table at closing. However, we know it is very hard to save up to 20% in this day and age. This is because of the rent we are facing here in Denver and our daily expenses. But it is possible to attain 20%, which you do not have to use to buy a house.

2. You DON’T Need To Have A Perfect Credit Score!

It is possible to get mortgage loans with any credit score. 720 gets you better rates, but 620 gets you good rates. Do not stop working on your credit because it does not hurt to work on it. However, having the best credit ever does not matter. They accept average credit, but you may never get the best rates as the rates the lenders with 720 or 800 get. But it will never keep you from owning a home. We have amazing connections, and the people in our office are willing to help! So, if you want to start the process, please call us today!

3. The Programs For First Time Home Buyers ACTUALLY Work!

You can find the best fitting home buyer program by shopping around. Several options offer grants to first-time home buyers, and these buyers do not have to pay them back. There are stipulations on the kind of properties you can purchase and how long you will live in the property in some of these programs. The programs have different options, making them a great option in the future. Also, you can reach out because we have information about these programs.

It is now an ‘unattainable’ dream for several millennials and later generations to buy a house because of a lack of education on you how to buy a home. You may think it is hard. It is not that hard! Once you get in there, you see what you qualify for, and you bite the bullet to do it. You can contact us now for advice and guidance!

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